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The German Language School is a nonprofit organization with a commitment to international education and the goal of introducing children and adults to today’s German speaking Europe. The German Language School is a parent-supported organization open to native and non-native speakers. Through the generosity of our community of supporters and fundraising efforts during the school year, we are able to reach out to those in need of financial support so that they may benefit from all the German Language School has to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions About Tuition Assistance

Who is eligible to receive financial assistance?

Individuals and families who show they are in need of financial assistance to help pay for their tuition.

How are Financial Assistance Awards determined?

The German Language School has a sliding fee scale based on total household income and number of dependents, which assists in determining the support amount. Other factors looked at are mortgage, rent, and car ownership.

How long will the financial assistance continue?

The need for financial assistance will be reassessed every year. Please Note: financial assistance for students begins the date acceptance letter is received. Lack of timely response to request for updated information will result in termination of financial assistance. It is the applicant’s responsibility to furnish updated financial information over the summer for redetermination if continuation of enrollment is requested.

Is financial assistance available at all campuses of the German Language School?


What is the responsibility of the scholarship recipient?

Students who receive financial aid are expected to attend all school sessions, actively participate in events, and volunteer throughout the school year. The German Language School expects that the recipient will make timely scheduled payments. Since our funds are limited and there are others in the community in need of financial assistance, we expect to be notified one month in advance if you no longer need our support or are unable to use the services we provide.

How are scholarships funded?

The German Language School raises money through our events and fundraisers during the school year as well as generous donations from our community of members and students.