We offer:

  • Infant to Pre-K

  • K to 12 – German FUNdamentals & more

  • Small Classes for FOREIGN Language Learners & NATIVE Speakers

  • "Deutsches Sprachdiplom Vorbereitung" (German Language Diploma Prep)

  • SAT Subject II & AP Prep Classes

  • Exchange & Study Abroad Preparation

  • Private Tutoring

  • Corporate language instructions

Our Curriculum

The German Language School’s curriculum follows a two-track program that separates classes for beginners and students with prior knowledge of German.

Track 1 for foreign language learners abides mainly by the new Common European Framework of References (CEFR) and the US National Standards for Foreign Languages (ACTFL).

Track 2 for children with native knowledge of German follows the standards set by the German school curriculum and the CEFR to further the goal of easy integration into the German School System for returning students and/or to obtain the German Language Certificate (Deutsches Sprachdiplom), which is proof of language proficiency for German, Austrian & Swiss universities and technical colleges.

GLS uses music, hands-on and multi-sensory activities with age-appropriate and topic-specific instruction to provide an integral and fun-filled program for all ages and classes.

Mini-Mäuse "Mommy & Me" Class (ages 18 month to 3-1/2 years)

Play and music introduces German to our youngest students. Click here to view flyer. 

Preschool (age 3-5) Track I + II

Children experience spoken German through songs and games while learning to follow simple directions. The basic topics include Family, Clothes, Colors, Letters, and Numbers to 10. We believe that playing, singing and theme-related crafts are an integral part of a positive learning experience. The emphasis of this class is on learning simple communication skills, to develop a sense for a different language and different pronunciation. We also introduce such German holidays as Sankt Martin, Sankt Nicolas, and Karneval.

Kindergarten (Age 5-6) Track I + II

Students learn the alphabet, colors, seasons, calendar, time, weather, family, clothing, foods, flowers, and animals focusing on German phonics. We introduce new vocabulary and sentence structure through simple rhymes, poems and songs. The children learn to recognize German words and begin to read and write simple words and phrases in German. We deepen skills with theme-based games and crafts.

Elementary School Level

Track 1: (6-10 years old) 
We introduce our students to the German language basics with emphasis on comprehension. They also practice simple conversations, reading and writing. In a relaxed and fun-filled environment young learners refine the skills and vocabulary they developed in the previous level through songs, crafts, reading circles, pantomime, etc. For this class we adapt the standards from the New Jersey Standards for foreign languages and the Curriculum for DaF (German as a Foreign Language) for German Schools.

Track II: (6-10 years old)  
Students develop a sense for the German language through analyzing German phonics. The children improve their writing and reading skills and learn about to different writing styles (letters, stories etc.). We adapt the standards of the German elementary school system for this class.

Middle School Level

Track I: (10-13 years) 
These classes follow the standards of the Common European Framework of References (CEFR) and covers the levels Al and A2.  They learn: 

  • how to speak about familiar topics

  • how to answer simple questions

  • how to write short texts

  • basic grammatical concepts.

Track II: (10-13 years),  
Students learn how to understand more complex sources and are introduced to German literature, poetry and popular culture. They learn how to use different types of written communication like letters, stories, essays, presentations, interviews etc. We adapt the standards of the German school system for these classes and use the AATG exams to monitor the level of proficiency. 

The students learn how to

  • communicate about familiar topics including school, hobbies, family etc.

  • use the German grammar to express dreams, interests and goals

  • analyze a wide variety of sources such as simple poems, letters, and reports, as well as basic info-graphics or statistics.

  • give a presentation in German

  • write an essay

  • apply advanced sentence structures

We also introduce more complex topics in German literature and German lifestyle, as well as social or cultural matters. We use the AATG exams to monitor each student’s progress.

High School Level

Track I + II: (14-18 years)  
This class prepares students from both tracks with a high standard in German for the German Language diploma, Level B1 or C1 (a requirement for entry to the German university system) and/or for the American College Board’s AP exams.  

Students are prepared for listening comprehension, text analysis, writing letters, interpreting graphs, oral presentations of controversial topics, cultural knowledge and German politics and literature. The students are expected to take at least one of the tests if they do want join that class.

Adult Conversation Class

This class is usually comprised of a small group of very motivated adults.  They learn German because they have a great interest in Germany, the German culture, are working in a German company, have a German-speaking spouse, or have children enrolled in our school. Students enjoy learning the language through conversations about different topics, with textbooks and an audio CD, videos, short stories, games about idiomatic expressions, proverbs, cultural topics and the explanation of relevant grammar.  Adult classes are subject to a minimum enrollment

Private Lessons and One-on-One Customized Tutoring are available upon request.

We also offer specialized programs for organizations and companies preparing employees for work or travel in Germany, Austria & Switzerland.

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